Caitlyn J

The exquisitely elvin Caitlyn slip-slides out of her bath robe and into something more comfortable – her birthday suit!
Exposing her perfectly shaped and appetising nipples, Caitlyn then pulls her panties to one side to give you a peek at her neat tuft of pubic hair and her pink portal to heaven…


Chloe B & Yale

Outdoors Chloe arches Yale’s naked body back over the railing, moving down to her expectant wetness.

Gripping on to Yale’s hips and erect nipples Chloe dips her tongue inside, the repetitive motion making her large breasts rhythmically shake. With Chole’s natural red hair flowing and and body passionately tensing they raise each other to orgasm.



Masie always brightens a day up with her bubbly and playful personality, and this shoot must have been one of her very good days! More boisterous than usual Masie giggles and flirts with the lens, bouncing from pose to pose whilst attempting to get ready for the impending visit from her mum.
Her hands slowly undress and caress her smooth, slim body. Her full bush of pubes and perky breasts slowly revealed as the shoot progresses. This shoot as everything that Masie does is full of surprises, from her captivating use of kitchen utensils to the more unplanned events!!


Claire M

Laid on the sofa Claire seductively starts to unbutton her smooth blue silk top to reveal her large breasts and pale skin.
Standing off the vivid red sofa she slips off her pants and bra to reveal to us her full voluptuous figure and classic natural beauty, and as if to further enforce this beauties natural demure she finishes off with a playful little peek of her full, dark haired bush.



If long haired brunettes make you weak at the knees, and the thought of a full bush against creamy skin makes your heart flutter, then Kandice is your recipe for an amazing day!
What starts out as a casual hang out in a bedroom, soon cheekily turns into a romping time of slippery fingers, gripped breasts and a gasping mouth. But my favorite, typically ‘abby’ moment is when she layers herself in cute cotton panties.



Beautiful dark haired, cute Dutch Carian shows off her cute smile, geeky glasses, slim body and skills with a paint brush as she reveals her flexible body and starts to paint her picture.
Laying and looking into a mirror to get inspiration she studies her body shape trying to replicate it with the brush, but watching her contort her body and twist and strain to get the best view she can is almost mesmerizing.
Was it real fun doing the shoot? It looks like it from the photos. I hope Abby Winters made it a great experience, like many other models have said.
Will we see more of you here?